About next.hackage

next.hackage is an experimental Hackage server for upcoming features in Cabal that have not yet accepted by Hackage. Presently, it is a staging ground for packages that use Backpack, an experimental new feature for package-level modular development in GHC 8.2.

Installing next.hackage

In your .cabal/config file, add the following block:

repository next-hackage
  url: http://next.hackage.haskell.org:8080/
  secure: True
  root-keys: 015ccb40c3cd254a7de458b048ba672c47e59195b3c8969cd85b686de2d49e2b
  key-threshold: 2

Finding packages

The Packages link above lists the available packages and provides a full text search of the package pages (via Google), while What's new lists recent additions (also available as an RSS feed). You can also do a simple text search of package descriptions:

There are a few other package indices:

See How to install a Cabal package for instructions on installing the packages you find here.

Releasing packages through Hackage

To upload your own releases, you'll first need to package them as Cabal source packages. See How to create a Haskell package for a tutorial. You can check and upload your package using the Upload link above, though you'll need a Hackage username and password.

Getting the raw data


See the Hackage wiki. Check out the code:

git clone https://github.com/haskell/hackage-server.git

We'd like to make it as simple as possible for anyone to set up a Hackage server.